Frequently Asked Questions


Do your products handle fractional pricing?

Yes, they automatically detect whether your broker uses fractional (5 decimal places, 3 for Yen pairs) pricing and makes the necessary adjustments. You do not need to pad pip values with an extra digit. For example, twenty pips would entered as 20, regardless of whether your broker uses 4 digit prices or 5 digit prices.

Do you offer a demo version of your products?

No, we offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee instead.

Are your product prices a one-time price or a subscription price?

It's a one time price and updates are free for your lifetime.

Can I use the product on more than one computer?

You can use your product on any number of your own computers, brokers and accounts. Please don't distribute to other people.

Why is there an expiration date displayed on the screen?

Our EA products expire every 6 months, on January 1 and July 1. A few weeks prior to expiration, you will receive an email containing passwords and instructions for downloading the new versions of your product. These renewals are free. The expiration is a feeble attempt to prevent piracy and it also makes you aware of product changes.

Do you do custom programming or would you consider making changes to your products?

For info about programming, go to the sidebar on the left side of our Home page and under Other Stuff, click on the Programming link.

When I try to download a product, why do I get a 404 Error?

You might be using the wrong password or you may have pop-ups blocked—the password window is a pop-up. A few customers have found that the Google Chrome browser will work when the MS Internet Explorer browser will not.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple products?

No, the prices are already so low, that discounts are not feasible.


Trade Manager (TM)

Can TM hide stops from the broker?

Yes, TM has an optional stealth mode, which prevents your broker's server from seeing your stops. You will also not see the stop lines on your chart. Also, TPs are invisible in both stealth and non-stealth modes.

Can TM manage multiple trades?

TM, can manage only one unique trade per currency pair. To handle more than one trade per currency, you would need to assign either a unique Magic Number or a Ticket Number to each order and set TM's Magic Number or Ticket Number parameter to match that of the order. For every concurrent trade that is to be managed, TM must be attached to a separate chart, whether for the same currency pair or different pairs. For example, if you have three trades for the EUR/USD, one for the GBP/USD and one for the USD/CAD, you would need to have TM attached to five different charts and for the three EUR/USD trades, each must have a unique Magic or Ticket number assigned to it.

Does TM work with ECN and STD brokers?

TM works with any broker account that offers the MT4 platform.

How does one assign a Magic Number to an order?

For info about magic numbers, go to the sidebar on the left side of our Home page and under Documents, click on the Magic Numbers link.

Does your Trade Manager EA work with Gold and Crude Oil? Does it works with futures?

It depends on whether your forex broker offers these symbols. Many brokers allow trading of Gold and some offer trading in Crude Oil. If the broker offers futures symbols, Trade Manager will work.

Why can't I find the Video Tutorial that is mentioned in the video description of TM?

The video tutorial mentioned was never produced. The TM Manual, which did not exist at the time the video was produced, was deemed an adequate description and is much easier to update.

Can I change TM's parameters once TM has begun to manage a trade?

You can if TM has not modified the trade, ie. moved a stop or taken a profit. Once TM has modified a trade, changing the parameters will cause TM to reset, and any action previously taken will be taken again. Changing the time-frame of a chart, changing profiles, or stopping and re-starting the MT4 platform will also cause TM to reset—this is a function of MT4, not of the EA.

Can you enter specific market price into the EA's Imputs for specified targets or does it have to be in pips?

No, all of TM's target parameters are specified in pips, not by a specific price.

Do I need to leave my computer on all the time for the manager to work? What happens during power failures?

Your computer and your MT4 platform must be running in order for TM to operate. If power outage or connectivity is a issue for you, I would recommend using a Virtual Private Server.

Will TM work with MetaTrader 5?

No, TM will not work with MT5. Until now, no one has asked about it, so I haven't bothered to convert TM to MT5. Converting it would be a major effort, as the folks at MetaQuotes have made significant changes to the programming language for MT5.

When  I attach TM to a chart, why does the info on the left side of the screen appear and then immediately disappear?

Most likely, you are using an indicator that displays comments on the chart.  These comments overlay/replace the info that TM displays.  You will need to remove the offending indicator, or move TM to a separate chart.

Why can I not use a Stop Loss of Zero (Break Even)?

Stop Loss parameters can not be zero.  If TM sends a request to the broker's server to move the stop to zero, the broker considers a stop loss of zero to mean no stop loss. 

Will TM work with offline charts (like Renko charts)?

The chart that TM is attached to must be connected to your broker's server. It is dependent on the price ticks/changes coming in from your broker. An offline chart does not receive these price ticks, therefore TM will not work on that chart. However, if you attach TM to a regular on-line chart, TM will manage any trade it encounters on your broker's server. Here is an excerpt from the MT4 Help menu:

Client terminal allows one to work with offline charts. These charts are
opened on basis of data saved on the hard disk in HST format. They are
not updated from the server.


Can NewsHound be set up ahead of time?

Yes, NewsHound can be set up minutes, hours or days ahead of time.

Does NewsHound work with U.S. Brokers?

It will not work with U.S. brokers because of the NFA rule against hedging. If you only want to do one side of the straddle—buy only or sell only—then it will work.

When a NewsHound pending order is opened, is the opposite order canceled?

The pending orders are created with an expiration time—the minimum time is 11 nimutes. When a pending order is opened, the opposite order is not automatically deleted because that would take precious time away from managing the opened order—for news trades, time is of the essence.

Why is the count-down timer not showing the correct count-down time?

Set your News_Time to the announcement time as shown on your forex news calendar. Then try different values in the Broker_New_York_Offset parameter, until the count-down timer shown on the screen shows the correct time until the announcement. You don't have to wait for an announcement to test it. Just set the News_Time to a few minutes in the future (relative to the time of your news calendar). You only have to use the News_Day parameter if the news time is beyond the broker's current trading day. Once you have the Offset value determined, you can save the parameter set in a preset file that can be loaded for future announcements. You could also set up a chart template, which inludes your parameter settings.

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