Virtual Private Server

The use of an MT4 expert advisor that manages a trade requires that your computer always be on and connected to your broker's server.  For many traders, that's not always possible.  A solution for this is to rent a virtual private server, a VPS.  This allows you to load and run your trading platform and EAs on a computer that is always up and connected to your broker.  There are many VPS's available.  We have chosen the one from SWVPS--it works well for us and the price is right.  However, if you are a power user, let's say you want to trade more than 6 trading accounts/platforms, then you might consider a more expensive VPS with more memory.
Purchase and Setup instructions for SWVPS
(Please read this before you ask for help)

The Benefits of a Virtual Private Server:
  • You DO NOT need to have your computer on when using a VPS
    to host your trading platforms.
  • You will never worry about your Internet or computer slowing
    down or crashing to keep you out of trades.
  • The server is fully dedicated to your trading platforms with no
    other applications running.
  • The server is redundant and climate controlled which practically
    eliminates outages of your MT4 platform.
  • The servers have professional security and firewall measures
    installed so your trading platform will be hacker free unlike your
    home computer.
  • You can continuously run your EAs and Robots worry free 24/7.
  • MT4 email alerts can be sent from the server to your home PC.
  • News Trading software runs  faster on the VPS than on your home PC.


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