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If you believe you have discovered a problem with one of our products and would like help in solving that problem, then please provide us with information that will help resolve your issue.

First, if your product came with a manual, please read it.  You may find the answers there. 

If you still need help, compose an email, describing the nature of the problem.  Be specific.

We need to know the parameter values that you've set for your program.  When you initiate a script, indicator, or expert advisor (EA), the parameter settings are recorded in the Experts log file.  Every time an action or event occurs (move SL, take profit, etc.), that transaction is also recorded in that log file.  This log file also tells us whether there are other programs--scripts, indicators, EAs--that might be in conflict with TM.  The Journal log file contains messages generated by the broker's server.  For both logs, there is a log file for each day.  Attach the appropriate log file(s) to your email--the entire file, not just a selected clip..  If the problem involves a trade that spans more than one day, then you will need to attach multiple log files.  You will find the Experts log file in the /MQL4/Experts/logs/  folder of your MT4 platform folder and the Journal log file in the /MT4 platform/ root folder.  to get to these folders, click on File on the Menu bar of the MT4 screen and then click on the Open Data Folder item.



Note:  If you are using Microsoft Windows 7 and are unable to find the log file in the  /MQL4/Experts/logs/  folder, you may need to click on the Compatibility files title on the toolbar to find the logs folder and/or log file.

Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroublePic5.jpg









Be sure the log file contains your parameter settings:

Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroubleLog2.jpg

If your chart shows data that might be helpful, take a snapshot of the chart and attach it to the email.  You can take a picture of your chart as follows: 

        Right click on your chart.

        Click on Save As Picture,
        Click the Active chart (as is) radio button,
        Click OK.

Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroublePic1.jpg   

 Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroublePic2.jpg

        Click on the drop-down menu (1) and browse for a place to save the picture.
        Give the picture a File name (
        Click the Save button (

Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroublePic3.jpg

Another way to take a picture is to highlight the chart, press the Alt and PrtScrn keys together.  This puts the picture on your Clipboard.  You can then paste it into the body of your email.

If your problem involves a magic number, please let us know the magic number assigned to the Order.  You can find it by hovering your cursor over the Order number in the MT4 Terminal window, as shown here:

        Description: C:\Users\Lousan\Documents\My Webs\forextoolshed\images\TroublePic4.jpg


Send the email to:  fxtools@forextoolshed.com.


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