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The scripts and indicators described below make your trading life a little bit easier.  When you need to do something quickly, just drop a script onto your chart.  In some cases, a script will allow you do something you couldn't otherwise do, like creating an order with a magic number assigned to it..

The Scripts & Indicators are  FREE.     

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S c r i p t s I n d i c a t o r s   &   E A s

This script will bracket the current or a specified price with one to three levels of pending Buy and Sell orders.  Works great for channel breakouts and news announcements--just activate it a couple of seconds before the announcement.  (View the Manual.)

Just drop this script on a chart and any orders for that currency will be closed and then re-opened in the opposite direction, retaining the same SL and TP pip levels.


The indicated percentage of an open position for the chart pair will be closed.

All open/active orders for all currencies will be closed.  Pending orders will remain in place.

All orders. for all currencies, both open and pendiing will be closed.

All open/active orders for the chart currency pair will be closed.

All orders, both open and pending, for the chart currency pair will be closed.

All Pending orders, for all currencies will be closed.  Open/active orders will remain in place.

All pending orders for the chart currency pair will be closed.  Open orders will remain.

Sometimes, after an EA or script is terminated,  comments are left on the chart.  This script will remove those comments.


These scripts will open a market order with with no SL or TP assigned to it. The lot size is determined by a Global Variable named Default_Lots, which is set up by the user.  You can also set up a GV if you want to assign a magic number to the order.  Simply drag and drop the script onto your chart to create the order.

$Open Magic
This script will open a market or pending, buy or sell order with a specified Magic Number.  A script or EA is the only way to assign a Magic Number to an order.

This script will display the properties of all orders for your account.  It's one way to tell whether an order has a Magic Number or not.  (See sample.)



This indicator will display (optionally by parameter) the following information on the chart to which it is attached:

  • The current Spread.
  • The time remaining in the current candle.
  • The Average Daily Range  for the week, month and quarter.
  • The number of pips of profit/loss for an order (assuming a single order).
  • The Century lines for 10 centuries above and below the current price.

This information, except for century lines, will be displayed in a specified corner of your chart.  For the Pips display, you can specify a Magic Number to limit the order to be considered.  Popup, email and sound alerts can be specified for when a new candle begins.
(See sample.)

This script will show the pivots, mid-pivots, yesterday's high, low and range, T30 lines, and century lines, each optionally. 
(See sample.)

This indicator allows on to display multi-colored time zone on your chart.  You specify the times and colors.
(See sample.)

Status info for up to 10 open trades will be shown on yout chart, for a single currency or for all currencies. 
(See sample.)


This Expert Advisor will optionally close trades each day, Sunday thru Friday, based on parameters.  There are two parameters for each day.  The first parameter specifies whether to close a trade if it is in profit, is negative, or is either:
       0 = Don't close trade. 
       1 = Close trade only if in profit.
       2 = Close trade only if negative.
       3 = Close trade whether in profit or not.
The second parameter, indicates the time of the day, based on Market Watch time, that the trade is to be closed.  The time format is hh:mm.
Attach the EA to a new chart, any currency, specify the appropriate parameters,  and it will close trades, for all currencies, at the appropriate time(s).  You can use Magic Number to filter the orders to be closed..
(See sample.)






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