Custom Programming

I am frequently asked if I would program a script, indicator or EA.  The answer is almost always "No".   The main reason is that I don't have the time to do it.  The times that I have done custom programming, is when it involved an enhancement to an existing product, or it was for a script or indicator that might have a broad appeal to the customer base.  Although the answer is usually "No", I do entertain suggestions.

If you will Google "MT4 programming", you will find several sources for custom programming.  Also, one of my customers was kind enough to provide the following feedback for some success he had with a custom programming service:

"I have now had two EAs written by a company at

They offer a fixed price of $150 or $250, depending on service level.
I have paid $150 and the service and quality is good.

One has to be very clear, as they are based in Hungary and the  Seychelles. 

This seems to give them 24 hour presence.  There seem to be two people,
Zoltan (Director) and Mateus.  I found Zoltan to be best.

There are multiple ways to pay, including PayPal, which gives very good
security for refunds and disputes.

I feel they provide good value and they have produced good EAs for me. 

This may help your other customers who ask, in future. "