M T 4   E r r o r s


The following is a list of MT4 error numbers and messages that an EA may generate.  In some cases only the number will be shown, in other cases both the number and message are shown.  Some of the messages are a bit cryptic, so for a more detailed description, you can do a Google search, using the error number and message as the search criteria.  For example, search for "MT4 error 130" or "MT4 error 130 invalid stops".

No.     Error Message
  2            COMMON ERROR                             

  3            INVALID TRADE PARAMETERS                 

  4            SERVER BUSY                              

  5            OLD VERSION                              

  6            NO CONNECTION                            

  7            NOT ENOUGH RIGHTS                        

  8            TOO FREQUENT REQUESTS                    

  9            MALFUNCTIONAL TRADE                     

 64           ACCOUNT DISABLED                        

 65           INVALID ACCOUNT                         

128         TRADE TIMEOUT                          

129          INVALID PRICE                          

130          INVALID STOPS                          

131          INVALID TRADE VOLUME                    

132          MARKET CLOSED                          

133          TRADE DISABLED                         

134          NOT ENOUGH MONEY                       

135          PRICE CHANGED                          

136          OFF QUOTES                             

137          BROKER BUSY                             

138          REQUOTE                                

139          ORDER LOCKED                           

140          LONG POSITIONS ONLY ALLOWED            

141          TOO MANY REQUESTS                      

145          TRADE MODIFY DENIED                    

146          TRADE CONTEXT BUSY                     

147          TRADE EXPIRATION DENIED                

148          TRADE TOO MANY ORDERS                  

149          UNKNOWN ERROR                          


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